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I am Queen of TMI
so says my husband, and he should know
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16th-Jun-2011 09:55 pm - Seattle Peeps, we need your help.....
c'est moi
...at the end of August... We are flying out of SeaTac at the end of August and returning about two weeks later, exact dates tbd. We are hoping to find someone to drive with us to SeaTac and take our car home with them, then come get us when we return... Might this work for anyone?
1st-Apr-2009 10:05 pm - Vimeo of Lilu in Hawaii
c'est moi
My mom's been taking some video - here's one to get you started, and it will let you see others...


Lilu's swim lessons are paying off!
29th-Jul-2008 11:09 pm - Happy Birthday Karjack!!!
c'est moi

Special sloppy baby kisses for you!!!!

I can has cake now?

14th-Jul-2008 03:55 am - Home again Home again, jiggity jig!
c'est moi
Home now, YAY HURRAY!

Special thanks to Sim for picking us up at the airport at what amounted to the last minute, due to a certain email deficiency.

The trip was awesome but we're thrilled to be home. Baby made a lot of developmental progress, now exploring the pre=walking stuff and making lots of super cute noises as she explores the vocal options available to her. She was great on all the planes except coming home, as she had HAD ENOUGH. I totally sympathized. 

More details to come. 

Yes, it's 4 am. Yes, I have a VERY AWAKE 4-month old on my lap, helping with the typing. For I am in the land of baby jetlag. 
21st-Nov-2007 10:33 am - I'm Hermione, too!
c'est moi

Witch Harry Potter character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Hermione Granger

"Just because it's taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn't mean no one else has spotted I'm a girl!"

Hermione Granger


Albus Dumbledore


Molly Weasley


Ginny Weasley


Harry Potter


Rubeus Hagrid


Minerva McGonagall


The Dursleys


Ron Weasley


Draco Malfoy


Sirius Black




Severus Snape


Lord Voldemort


Fred and George Weasley

21st-Nov-2007 07:51 am - So - what's going on with me, lately?
c'est moi
Well, I'm displaying my tendency not to be consistent with LJ, for one thing... =)

Lessee.... what's been going on.... 


Oooh - long post. Well, that's just the way I am.... Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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